Shredding the Mountain

Next up, lets discuss how the actual skiing went on the mountain and what  we encountered while out there. We were settled in, had some traction now and were ready for the slopes. So we boarded the shuttle that left from our hotel condo place and went down to the Gondula for a ride up the lift to the mountain. The Gondula is an awesome ride that basically is suspended in the air on a cable cord that pulls you up the mountain. Basically, an air shuttle that takes you from the parking lot of the public access area up to the mountain to various slopes in Breckenridge. Really cool, and excellent scenery on the way up as well.

I haven’t been skiing since 2009 so I was looking around for a few green slopes to cut my teeth on again. We found a couple there at the first stop and I was able to hop on the ski lift to go up. In Colorado, the mountains are huge and a lot taller than where we are from in Georgia, and so skiing in the southeast is much different than skiing out West. The greens are basically the blues and blacks in North Carolina where we go from time to time! Anyway, I got up on the first mountain and we skied down with no real problems. It was fun, exhilarating and a blast to fly down the mountain for the first time in years. We got lucky because just a few days before there were several inches if not feet of snow that came down there in Breckenridge. So that just makes the conditions that much better and more fun when the snow is soft, packed in good and fresh! Well, I was at least happy that I didn’t wipe out the first time down, which was a win on that front, nor did my parents who were there with us either.

After going to the lodge for a coffee and lunch to get some energy back, I was determined to up my game on the blue slopes for a little more fun. These are slightly faster than the greens and put up a little more of a challenge since they are steeper and have some moguls along the way. Well, apparently I took a wrong turn somewhere, because I ended up on a very steep mountain side after exiting the lift and there were hundreds of moguls everywhere! I was wiping out right and left, getting up, falling down, getting up, falling down, you get the picture. It didn’t really hurt but all of that falling and getting back up takes a toll on a persons body, and arms to continue to lift yourself back up! That was definitely the work out of the day experiencing that mountain by accident and I was never happier to see the moguls end after a certain point and see straight slopes ahead.

All in all the first day on the mountain was a success. I mean, not skiing for several years, and then getting out there and doing pretty well was surprising to me. Although it kind of is like riding a bike, and you never really forget how to ski, no matter how long it has been. We will explore more rocky stories and ski tales coming up!

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